Yoga for Athletes

Summer is the season for movement!

Long, sun-filled days invite us to leave our homes and offices and get moving. It is an important time to reflect and recognize the impact and benefits of active movement to our body and mind.

Our bodies are designed to move.

What we need to be mindful of is the importance of movement all year long and how we may be sacrificing posture and flexibility for strength seasonally or, specifically, in intense training. 

Improving Athletic Performance

Lincoln is thriving with talented athletes, from the avid golfer, dedicated runner, intense triathlete, long-distance cyclists or spinner, swimmer, and our very own baseball team, the Lincoln Potters.

All these athletes and so many more not mentioned require hours of training, self-discipline and sacrifice.

In any training, movement is frequent, often repetitive and requires strength, endurance and the desire to compete with greater performance.

Often the athlete sacrifices, posture and flexibility for the sake of strength.

Studies have shown that proper posture, strength, and flexibility increase performance. Strength without flexibility greatly increases the chance of injury, as well as decreasing the body’s capacity to function with an optimal range of motion.

Yoga for Athletes

YIN yoga targets the connective tissue that supports muscle, the skeletal system and all organs in the body.

When repetitive movement creates strength in targeted areas, many other areas, especially joints become “shrink-wrapped”. The hips, low back, hamstrings and shoulders can become tight and inflexible. Poses that target these areas actually lengthen and strengthen connective tissue that will improve performance.

Muscle strength is directly proportional to connective tissue strength.

A YIN yoga practice is one hour of non-muscular deep stretches to challenge connective tissue, in a relaxed state for 4-6 minutes. Holding for time creates the same effect as weights do to muscle. Yet in a very relaxed way.

Think of it as recharging, just like we do with our phones. 

As FireStar Yoga’s owner and an avid lover of this Lincoln area and all that it has to offer, I’m honored to support movement to this community all year round. As with everything we do, our efforts begin with the our community, who reflect the diversity of the area in which we live and work. We strive to provide a space for its members to feel comfortable being their authentic selves, as well as offering opportunities through our workshops and classes for personal and professional growth. Yoga gives you a relaxed strength and surprisingly may improve every part of your life. Try it and you’ll feel the difference in weeks. 

Ready to see how yoga can improve your athletic performance? Find a YIN class and discover the improvements it can bring to your body and mind.

Renee Airola