Yin Classes

Restore and rejuvenate with YIN classes. YIN  targets the connective tissues deep within your body, lengthening and strengthening these tissues while increasing range of motion.

YIN  yoga is the opposite of a powerful, fast-moving standing yoga class.



Go deep in our YIN 1 classes, where floor poses are held in long, gentle, non-musculature stretches. YIN 1 is perfect for the beginner exploring yoga, high athlete who wants to increase performance, and those who are recovering from trauma or injuries seeking to regain range of motion in their body.


Our YIN  2 class incorporates standing poses with traditional, floor-based yin poses for the first 35 min and ends in hatha poses to introduce alignment, breath and sequencing while improving balance and strength. YIN2 classes create stability and strength to help you move on to one of our amazing Flow classes.



YIN-Infused flow classes combine the deep restorative poses of a yin class with the heat and movement of a flowing vinyasa sequence. Super fun and a little playful attitude to create lightness and space in your day! Restore your body, mind, and spirit with YIN  yoga.


Power Flow Classes

Develop strength of mind, body, and spirit with Power SlowFlow, Power Flow and Baptiste yoga classes at FireStar Yoga. All these core yoga standing and floor sequences will challenge, strengthen  the overall body and mind, and offer modifications and advanced options for the individual yogi while connecting breath and movement.

Power Vinyasa and the Baptiste Sequence are the most challenging of the four levels. We offer modifications for the beginner and options for the experienced yogi.



Connect your breath to movement and focus on proper alignment in our Power SlowFlow class. Power SlowFlow offers a powerful foundation for any level focusing on building a healthy body and mind through proper alignment, and breath in a slower, smooth hatha flow.

Slow down Sun As and Bs and core strengthening vinyasa sequences to increase flexibility, build muscular strength, improve balance, and make your day shine!

A Power Slow Flow class is the perfect way to reinvigorate after a long-day sitting at a desk or to get your energy up to tackle whatever lies ahead.



Take your practice to the next level with this class designed to take you soaring, binding and flowing! Increase your strength, balance, and flexibility with a step-by-step  exploration of advanced moves from basic poses such as binds, arm balances, and standing balances and sequences that move you!



This sequence is yogi friendly for the practitioner who is interested in dating yoga, engaged to yoga or married to yoga!  The Baptiste sequence is a beautiful and powerful overall body sequence with 11 segments integrating and igniting vitality, balance, grounding, release, stability, opening and deep rest … in just 75 minutes.  All levels are welcome!


Mommy & Me and PreNatal

Bond with your baby, move your body, and connect with other moms in our wildly popular Mommy and Me yoga classes!

Tori, a certified pre-natal yoga and 200 hour Baptiste yoga teacher, nurse and mommy of two toddlers, will guide you and your little one through this incredible class for mommies-to-be, mommies, and babies from 4 weeks to 24 months.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Improve your physical and mental health by developing a mindfulness and meditation practice.

Guided  meditation classes help you connect with your breath and body, focusing on the present moment and improving your overall wellbeing. Come breath with us!


Private Classes

One-on-one private classes and lessons are available. Please contact us for more information.

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Be a Part of Our Community

“I really adore Renee and her team at FireStar! Love the smaller classes and the little extras they provide...bolsters, blankets, hot stones, essential oils. I would recommend FireStar to anyone in need of a good stretch and yoga fitness. They’re very patient and attentive with beginners but are definitely equipped for the advanced.” - Dawn D.