BAMY Early Morning Series PrePay

BAMY Early Morning Series PrePay

from 25.00

BAMY Early Morning Series

Hey all you BAMYs! Get a fresh start and renew your commitment to your practice with 8 early morning classes. Grab a buddy and take advantage of discounted rates when you prepay by Aug 2nd.

If you’ve been wanting to try the 5:30a classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, there’s no better time than now. The sun is up bright and early - rise with the sun and make a commitment that you won’t regret!

Discounted rates for 5:30a classes:

2 prepaid: $25.00

4 prepaid classes: $50.00

8 prepaid classes: $80.00

*Drop-in rate: $12.50/ class

# of Classes:
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