Yoga strengthens bones, increases range of motion, strengthens muscles  promotes and maintains healthy joints, increases flexibility and reduces stress. Every level of yoga builds core strength and balance. Yoga tones muscles throughout the body and  mind, ultimately leading to a healthier, happier attitude and improved quality of life!



The restorative value of a regular yoga practice benefits our bodies in so many areas. Yoga targets the connective tissue which binds and stabilizes the body, and plays a significant role in healing the body following injury and  traumas; stimulating vital organs and blood flow; calming the nervous system; and maintaining healthy bones.



Yoga is a referred to as a practice for a reason.  The practice on the mat prepares us for the practice off the mat -  the work of living our life. Skills learned during class - becoming still, breathing, being challenged, patient with awareness, becoming present  in poses that may be uncomfortable and learning to soften into them instead of fighting - translate into skills that can benefit our daily life.


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“Renee is a compassionate and cool human being as well as an excellent Yoga instructor! I love her and my new Yoga family!” - Tracey A.